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Why chase after success when you can have success chase after you? Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command adds her definitive mind/brain transformational program to the weekend event. In addition to Don’s power packed training on how to be an excellent speaker in the right market, taking inspired action is the next step for your success results.  Asara will demonstrate how to get 100% cooperation from your inner programs instantly, to be a booked million dollar speaker. Join us in this excellent opportunity to train both your brain and your mind for great speaking success.


Cost:  $2,500



Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp



Cost $997.00



No.  The Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp will benefit anyone who has an existing business, product or service or desires to improve both personal and professional relationships.  In this exclusive boot camp you will learn not only advanced easy to implement marketing systems and protocols but you will also learn how to grow your business and income through the power of Energy.

We are also having a Corporation Expert Michael Weeda who will be teaching on the different types of corporations for every type of business so that you will have a solid understanding of this important subject.  

​​Is this Boot Camp for Professional Speakers and Authors only?

Cost $997.00

One Woman’s Journey has led to thousands of improved, more successful and satisfying lives….. 

Asara Lovejoy says, “You are a success genie in disguise, biologically hard-wired and designed with hidden powers and abilities. It may seem impossible that you have these powers because it didn’t seem possible for me either, especially when I was facing the loss of my home and almost a million dollars in investments but then something happened….I dropped into my super intelligence in the theta mind and received The One Command process in its entirety.” 

By applying The One Command technique Asara Lovejoy recovered from financial disaster, saved her home and established financial stability in just 2 weeks – this was from zero money, high bills, large debt and mortgages past due with no income coming in - and from an absolutely helpless state of mind – including wanting to leave the planet because of such devastating prognosis. From this awakened self-realized moment Asara simply started sharing what she discovered with others in small groups – in people’s homes, in bookstores, at lunch meetings and anywhere she was requested to appear. People kept asking for more explanation and also began sharing seemingly miraculous story after story as soon as they applied The One Command technique. 

The One Command book soon followed to reach more people and to share the process and then students arrived to become One Command Facilitators and to take the message out into the world where it is now found on every continent, translated into 5 languages and has reached over 500,000 folks around the world. Join the conversation. 

Find out more at www.successbyyourcommand.com and jump into Life at Your Command our FREE Foundation course to discover how and why you are biologically hard-wired for success.

Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp Book Publishing

Limited Seats 

Tickets will go fast so make sure you get yours.


WHEN:  December 4 & 5, 2015 

WHERE: Hilton Garden Inn

               11481 Mission Vista Drive

               Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730

CLOSEST AIRPORT:  Ontario, CA Airport

TIME:   Each Day 9 a/m/ to 6 p.n.




​UNTIL 10/20/2015

"Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp will teach you how you can earn $10,000 every time you speak"

This seminar will explore the depths of marketing, sales, building a presentation,

creating your products and launching you in the marketplace.

Our objective is to give you the tools to earn $10,000 or more every time you speak.

In the Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp you will learn the following:

  • How to earn $10,000.00 from a one hour presentation

  • How the Speaking industry really works

  • How to create a $10,000.00 presentation

  • How to build professional products to sell

  • How to Become an Author

  • Building a Publishing Empire

  • Bring your Spouse for just $100.00